Tips for Saving Money While You Travel

Tips for Saving Money While You Travel

Tips for Saving Money While You Travel

Traveling can be easier than ever in this golden age of technology. By following these simple tips you can save tons of money on a budget while traveling and have an amazing time!

1. Fly on cheap airlines

With new cheap airline competition, buying tickets for consumers is better than ever. Numerous discount airlines such as WOW, NewLeaf, Norwegian Airlines, WestJet, and Air Asia fly cheaply from the U.S. to Canada, Asia, or Europe. Because regular airlines are not lowering their fares, it is beneficial to a traveler to utilize these new budget airlines that get you to your destination at a low cost with no extras.

2. Make use of the sharing economy

Thankfully, with increasing changes in technology, it is so much easier to book your flights and find hotels online. But it is also simpler to find transportation, a place to sleep, daily meals, and more with a surging amount of sharing economy websites. Favorites like Airbnb, Guided by a Local, EatWith, Liquid, Lyft, Uber, and SideCar are just a couple out of the many sharing economy pioneers that can be great affordable alternatives.

3. Travel to cheap countries

With dropping currencies, dwindling economies, and great exchange rates, many countries are becoming way more affordable to visit. For less than $50 a day or sometimes even way less, you can travel to Greece, Fiji, Cambodia, India, China, and Thailand. For example, a beer along with local street food in Thailand will cost you $7 per day; rooms in China are less than $20 per day and a meal is anywhere from $2 to $5. Overall, these beautiful destinations will enable you to both lengthen your limited budget and live like a king or queen for a remarkable bargain.

4. Use cards without foreign transaction fees

Usually, credit card companies will charge 3% or more for a foreign exchange fee and 20% for interest rates when taking out money with your credit card. Because these extra fees can build up before you know it, it is crucial to check with your bank before traveling abroad. To avoid these pesky charges, apply for a credit card like Capital One or Discover with a no foreign transaction fee.

5. Take advantage of smartphone travel apps with deals

Instead of spending money on a travel agent, there are countless free smartphone apps that can make one’s vacation affordable and easier. Hipmunk is a simple visual interface that balances cost and convenience by narrowing down thousands of travel websites for cheap flights, hotels, rental cars, and packages. Another great app is Citymapper, the essential travel app that provides you with several options from getting to one destination to another with public transportation or other services like Uber in more than 17 cities. A couple of more valuable apps to name are WifiMapper, Flush, Hopper, and RelayRides.

By adhering to some of these helpful travel hacks, you are guaranteed to save the stress, time, and money. So instead of waiting until next year to conquer that “I want to travel more” New Year’s resolution, use these tips, be your own travel agent, and save big!

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