Certificates of Deposit

When it comes to saving money for the future, you are looking for a safe place and competitive interest. At Bank of the Lowcountry, we offer a full range of Certificates of Deposits to meet your needs. With a minimum opening deposit of $500 you may select a term from 12 months to 48 months. With a $1,000 minimum opening deposit you may choose a term between 7 days – 48 months.


7-364 Days Maturity = Minimum Deposit of $1,000

12-48 Months Maturity = Minimum Deposit of $500

Interest may be deposited into a separate Bank of the Lowcountry account

Maturity notices are mailed 10 days prior to maturity

CD's automatically renew after a 10 day grace period


Early withdrawal will result in forfeiture of 3 months interest whether earned or not on certificates with maturities exceeding 12 months. A forfeiture of one month’s interest is charged on CD’s with maturities of less than 12 months.


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