Planning Your Budget for the Fourth of July

Planning Your Budget for the Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July just around the corner make sure you are financially prepared to celebrate this American holiday! With helpful tips like the ones in the article below you will be sure to celebrate the day of red, white, and blue, without spending too much green!

Check Your Pantry & Closet First

When planning your Fourth of July celebration, knowing how to stick to your food budget starts with checking your pantry before going to the grocery store to see what have and what you may need to purchase for the dishes you are preparing. Decorating for the Fourth of July means decking out in all your red, white, and blue, and all the stars and stripes; however, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Check your closets when planning your wardrobe or decorating your house to see what you have before going to the store.

Shop Smart

Making a list before going to the store and sticking to it will help ensure you get everything you need without spending excess money. When planning for your Fourth of July celebration shopping smart is essential to sticking to your budget. When shopping, make sure you are only buying products that you need. Read the price tags and shop the sales at the stores. During holidays, many stores run sales, so make sure to check those out when making your purchases. To save your time and stress, do not wait until the day before to get everything, saving money means being proactive.

Have a Potluck

If you are planning a Fourth of July party, following the above steps are still important; however, suggesting a potluck party is a great way to save even more money. Not only are you saving money but also time and added stress that comes with preparing a meal. Make sure you plan accordingly to ensure you have a variety of foods and not just plates of mac n cheese or fruit trays. If attending a potluck, keep in mind your budget too.

Simple Yet Fun Activites

Finding fun, free activities to celebrate Independence Day will help you save money while having just as much fun. Activities could include going to a public beach access, or neighborhood pool, or even having a sprinkler party in your backyard. Many towns and cities have Fourth of July Festivals that are often free. If you stick to your yard, look around the house to see what games or toys you already have to help save on entertainment.

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