How To Avoid Fraud While Traveling

Avoid Fraud

How To Avoid Fraud While Traveling

It’s easy to have a “this won’t happen to me” mentality, or to think we are smart enough to avoid fraud while traveling. However, there’s no guarantee, and it’s easy to get caught off guard from time to time. Knowledge is power, so the more you know, the less likely you are to fall for any scams that may be thrown your way. Protect yourself from ATM, beggar and Wi-Fi fraud while traveling with the following tips.

Avoid Anyone Offering Help at an ATM

If someone approaches you during a transaction, the best thing to do is to grab your card quickly and walk away. One very popular scam is someone offering to help you avoid local bank fees, they quickly skim your card in a scanner located in their pocket, and overlook for your pin number. Before you know it, your account will be drained.

Avoid Beggars

You’ll see this almost anywhere you travel. Children, women with children, pregnant women, the sick, elderly, and sometimes with pets or children that aren’t their own. This is difficult because it’s hard to say no to people in need, or to figure out if you are being scammed. Try to avoid giving any cash. In some circumstances someone can be watching to pick pocket your wallet. It’s almost impossible to figure out who may be legit and who isn’t, so the safest way to help is to give some clothing or purchased food.

Avoid Unsafe Wi-Fi

Always make sure to use an official Wi-Fi connection. Hackers are known to set up fake hotspots and target unknowing victims. They can then gain access to your passwords, accounts, computer, and personal info. If you aren’t sure about a network, or if you see an unlocked connection, do not be tempted to use it. Be sure to ask the coffee shop, airport staff, hotel or place of business before signing in.

There are worse things things in life than being tricked into fraud, but it can still be a bit frustrating. Traveling is a learning experience, and no matter how prepared you are, things can still happen. Don’t let fraud put a stop to your dream destination travels. Make sure to sign up for theft and travel insurance and avoid any unsafe situations.


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