Celebrate the Fourth of July on a Budget

Celebrate the Fourth of July On a Budget

Celebrate the Fourth of July on a Budget

Creative holiday parties don’t always have to cost you. With summer in full swing, celebrating the Fourth of July is right around the corner! It’s a weekend packed with friends, family, food, beverages, and fireworks, but things can add up quickly. If you think you need to spend lots of money to throw a party that your guest will enjoy, think again. Although it might take some extra time for planning, it is possible to have fun with a tighter budget. To save a few bucks, here are some smart money saving tips.

Serve a Traditional Menu

You don’t have to get fancy with serving an expensive spread on this holiday. Celebrate the Fourth of July by planning the traditional and basic bbq. The first step to staying within your food budget is to confirm the number of people attending. Try to avoid spending any extra cash on wasted food. Next, check the local papers for grocery store coupons or Buy One, Get One Free sale items. Many of times hamburgers and steaks can become costly, so you might want to lean towards the affordable hot dog. If you’d like to serve burgers, mini-style sliders are the way to go! Smaller portions will help you to spend less, and the savings will be worth it.


Since the Fourth is a very casual holiday, ask everyone to bring their own beverages. Sodas, tea, lemonade, and beer are typical for quenching your thirst in the heat of the day. Pitching in as a group will not only help out your drink list variety but also on cost. 

Bake a Pie

According to Better Homes and Gardens, you can make a simple “Apple-Berry Pie in a Jar that features a big, red star made out of fruit. You’ll need the following ingredients, which cost less than $1 combined: sugar, flour, salt, butter, and milk. The other ingredients, blueberries, and apples cost as little as $1.50 per pound and $1.77 per pound respectively.” After all, what is more American than an apple pie?

Use Sparklers

Performing your own fireworks display is costly, but you can purchase a large box of sparklers for under $10. Check the papers and online for your local fireworks event and take everyone along. If you decide to put on your own firework display, invite the neighbors and combine party supplies for a block-party.  


What better way than to celebrate your independence by hanging the symbol for American freedom. Be sure to fly a flag in pride at any entrance for your guests to see. You can often find many American-themed decor items at the Dollar Store. You don’t need to go overboard, but you can find red, white, and blue balloons, plates, cups, and even bandanas that can be tied together for a banner! If you’d like to save even more, and help the environment, use your own dishes and utensils. We bet your guests won’t even notice the difference in cutting back!

Throwing a party that your guests are sure to remember doesn’t have to be a budget breaker. Plan ahead by following these tips from Bank of the Lowcountry. With a little creativity, staying within your celebration budget will be easier than you think. We wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! 

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