Bank of the Lowcountry Consolidates Walterboro Locations

Forest Hills Branch

Bank of the Lowcountry Consolidates Walterboro Locations

Walterboro, SC, February 20, 2024 – Bank of the Lowcountry announced the consolidation of its Forest Hills location into its Walterboro Main branch at 1100 N Jefferies Blvd as of March 29th, 2024. Separated by just a mile, the bank’s Forest Hill location has existed alongside the Waterboro Main office to serve the community since 2003. However, as the bank grows, the company aims to create a strong, centralized center of operations that is better equipped and staffed to support and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Peden Brown McLeod Jr. – Chairman of the Board of Bank of the Lowcountry – stated “Since the bank’s formation in 1988, we’ve done our best to grow and strengthen the company to meet the needs of Walterboro. While our Forest Hills branch served as a much-needed secondary location for the community at one point, our customers’ and community’s needs have changed. Instead of having our resources split, we’re taking steps to build up our Main branch into a stronger and more resourceful center to continue to meet our customers’ changing needs.”

“As we continue to grow our company in the Lowcountry of SC, our emphasis is shifting to a combination of centralized locations, along with increased digital delivery of service” explained the Bank’s CEO Marc Bogan. “Combining our Walterboro locations allows us to maintain better staffing and provide a more comprehensive customer experience. Our goal is to provide a more geographically dispersed footprint to better serve all our communities.”

Beginning on February 20, 2024, and extending through March 29, 2024, the bank’s Forest Hills location will operate as a drive-thru-only branch while the transition takes place. The Walterboro Main office will continue as a full-service branch offering teller services, Online banking, customer support, deposit products, loan products, and more. Through these changes, Bank of the Lowcountry is committed to serving all its customers and communities to the best of its ability.



Headquartered in Walterboro, Bank of the Lowcountry provides a variety of traditional and online banking solutions to meet the needs of customers throughout the Lowcountry. Find out more at and follow Bank of the Lowcountry on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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