Apps to Help You Make a Budget & Stick to it

Apps to Help You Make a Budget & Stick to it

Apps to Help You Make a Budget & Stick to it

We get it, budgeting is not a fun thing to do and when it comes to following a budget, that’s a whole new level of difficulty. Take advantage of modern day technology and check out these great apps to help you along the way!


You can use Mint on your phone or tablet via the app or on your computer which makes it super accessible. Mint allows you to create budget and track it by linking your credit card and bank accounts. The website will alert you if they notice an unusual charge, deposit, or withdrawal to your bank account to help protect you from fraud.

Groupon or Living Social

Want to treat yourself but need to stick to a budget? Check out apps like Groupon or Living Social for great deals in your area. These apps allow you to further your budget with deals on restaurants, haircuts, and even vacation packages.

Target Cartwheel

If you love Target, this app is a must-have. This app allows you to search the item you are about to purchase at Target and check to see if there are any special deals. Don’t shop at Target? Check to see if other stores have apps! Many big-name stores allow you to shop their deals right from your phone.

Grocery Smarts

Food is usually one of the biggest parts of your budget so it’s important to save whenever you can. This app goes through the weekly grocery ads and compares prices so you’ll know the best place to shop!

What is your favorite app for staying on a budget?

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