“App”ealing Apps to Use When Saving Money

“App”ealing Apps to Use When Saving Money

Let’s face it, your financial life is easier to keep track of with money saving apps. Taking advantage of these platforms will not only help manage your finances, but also help save you money! Put your on-the-go financial lifestyle in the hands of apps that know how to save a dime or two best.


For anyone trying to keep their busy lives on a grocery budget this is a great money saving app to help keep your spending under control. GroceryiQ has a store locator, coupons, barcode scanning, and millions of products on hand to build your shopping list for you and your family.


This is the powerhouse of personal finance apps. Make things easy and track all of your financial activity in one place! Mint allows you to keep track of every account, including cards, bills and your credit score. This app is extremely secure and password protected. Mint makes notes of all spending patterns and helps you with an up-to-date budget. Not only will Mint keep track of your spending, but they will inform you of ways you can save with other options moving forward. It’s your own personal advisor, on the go!


Did you know you can earn rewards to be redeemed at places like Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and another 800+ brands just by watching TV? You heard right! When watching a show “check in” with Viggle and start racking up your perk points. Not only can you interact with your friends, but you can also earn bonus points by playing games and testing your TV IQ.  


Groupon is one of the best out there to save an extra dollar on deals closest to you. They offer everything from spa services, home cleanings, vacations, pet services, restaurant discounts, retail, and even travel accommodations. Download Groupon and receive as much as 50-90% off on almost anything you need. It’s a great way to find that new hairdresser you’ve been looking for.


Everyone needs a little retail therapy every now and then. Looking for great deals on the go? This app includes savings at local and nationwide shops like Starbucks, Forever 21, Sephora, Target, and more. They will even notify you of the closet deals while you’re shopping. Just show the code on your phone, and your discount is applied. As they say, “thousands of coupons in your pocket.”

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