Welcome to Bank of the Lowcountry

Welcome to Bank of the Lowcountry

Bank of Walterboro is proud to announce that we have changed our name to Bank of the Lowcountry as part of an overall rebranding process. Since the opening of our first branch in Walterboro, South Carolina in 1989 to our expansion into other markets, we proudly service customers throughout the Lowcountry. All locations will operate under the name Bank of the Lowcountry. Although the name is changing, the bank remains a locally owned company with the same stockholders, the same employees and the same continued commitment to our local markets.

So why is a name change at this time necessary? The new name, Bank of the Lowcountry, better reflects those communities and customers we already serve today. With its name change, Bank of the Lowcountry has an updated vision to expand and have a greater presence by providing high-quality community-style banking to the communities we currently serve in the Lowcountry. Our plan is to get even better at what we do and improve upon the products and services that we offer. Although our name will be different, you will continue to experience outstanding service from the same familiar faces and relationships you have come to know.

Ultimately, what impact will change the Bank’s name to Bank of the Lowcountry have on its existing customers? Quite simply, nothing. For our valued customers, nothing is changing outside of our name and the signs on our locations. All account numbers, PINs, routing numbers and other account information will remain exactly the same, while ATM cards, debit cards, credit cards, and checks will continue to function normally. The launch of the new name will not affect the bank’s normal business operations. Customers are encouraged to contact a branch in their area with any questions.

Additional information regarding the Bank’s name change is available on our new website at www.banklowcountry.com.

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