Venturing into the Job Market and Knowing When it’s a Right Fit

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Venturing into the Job Market and Knowing When it’s a Right Fit

The job market today is an unpredictable journey. Many jobs are being replaced with programs, being exported elsewhere, or are no longer needed.  Some statistics suggest a person will have between 5 to 7 career changes in their professional life. It has also been said that teachers are trying to prepare kids for jobs that do not yet exist.

As unpredictable as the job market has become, how do you give yourself the best opportunity to keep a steady income?

Education and Experience

The prospect of finding a job after graduation is daunting. Picking a major is equally unnerving. Is it a good choice? Will jobs in the field still exist in a few years? Is the starting salary worth what I’m paying in tuition? The answers are almost never clear, but choosing a major that is broad and flexible can bring you more peace of mind.

One of the most important things employers look for is experience. If you want to make a living in today’s economy as a college graduate, intern as much as possible as an undergrad. Depending on the area of focus, the internships could be unpaid, but the experience will most likely pay off in your starting salary.

Explore different areas in your major. Learn as much as you possibly can and explore what you love! Future employers will appreciate a candidate who is flexible and well rounded.

Choosing Jobs

Entering the job market may raise a few questions and concerns. Should your job be something you love doing? Everyone wants a job that they love, but realistically it is unlikely that you will land your dream job early on. To make a living in today’s economy, you need to bring passion to your work. More importantly, you need to be willing to make sacrifices.

Should you pick a career that yields the most income? Making the most money is ideal, but the skills, abilities, and experience you possess should match your salary. Be aware of the pay scale in your career, and how to obtain raises. If changing jobs, always match or increase your current salary.

Changing Jobs

There is a high chance you will get to a point in your career where you feel the need, or are forced, to change jobs. If you are looking to resign from your current job, do not resign before receiving an offer from another company. This will avoid possible financial hardship.

It is becoming more frequent for people to be forced out of a job. If you are put in the position where you can no longer work at your company, begin to apply to other companies as soon as possible. Keep your resume up to date. It would also be smart to keep an emergency fund of a few months pay to avoid stress while you transition.

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