Tips for Spending Less Money and More Time Together This Thanksgiving

Tips for Spending Less Money and More Time Together This Thanksgiving

We all look forward to the one dinner of the year filled with family, football, and most importantly food! As much as we love this holiday, we end up spending and preparing a lot of time and money into dinner and not enough time being together. We compiled a list of tips for a more affordable, easier holiday prep so you can focus on what matters most! 


Split the cost with a potluck dinner! You don’t have to be a superhero this year! If you have a big family this one will work well and you’ll end up with every dish imaginable at the table. This one’s great because not only does it save you money, it saves you time at the grocery store and in the kitchen.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until two days before to plan for your big dinner. Some items you can get ahead of time. More than likely there will be sales throughout the month so be on the lookout for items that can be bought ahead of time. Not only is this a money saver, but a huge time saver. Waiting to buy your groceries before will have you in wondering through crowded stores and empty shelves. 


Google and Pinterest are your best friends this holiday season! Do some quick searches, there are plenty of easy recipes online. Try searching “Easy and affordable Thanksgiving recipes” or “Quick recipes for Thanksgiving”. 

Turkey Tip 

Typically the most important and expensive food at the dinner table is the turkey. Most of us go all out to find the best turkey in the store, yet preparation and seasonings are what make the turkey worth eating. So don’t go crazy this year, find a cheaper turkey and lather it up yourself. 


The expenses don’t end with dinner. Most people like to decorate for the occasion. Be creative and DIY your decorations. Pinterest will help you out with this one.

The most important part of Thanksgiving is the time spent with family and friends. Getting caught up in expenses and time spent stressing over the big dinner can take away from what matters most. We want to wish you Happy Thanksgiving from Bank of the Lowcountry and if after reading these tips you find you need some more help budgeting, click here and we would be happy to assist you!

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