Things to Sell for Quick Cash

Things to Sell for Quick Cash

Need to make some quick cash after any large expenses purchased during the holiday season? There are plenty of ways to earn some extra pocket money by selling things from your home. Check out some of the creative ways you can make an extra dime or two.


Do you still have any college books and old books sitting around getting dusty on your shelf? If you are in college, or a recent graduate, research your college website or campus boards for selling used books. Some of these hardback books can be pretty pricey! Check online for sites like Cash 4 Books, that will approve your books when entered, and you can send them in with a pre-paid label.

Consignment Shops

Are you really going to wear that shirt that’s had the tag on for months? Contact local consignment shops and ask the process they use for selling gently used clothing. Depending on the shop, they might only take certain brand name clothing or “newer” items from your bag. Some places purchase from you right away, and some write a check when your items are purchased.

Sell Your Recipes

Do you like to cook? Check different websites for cooking contests or sell some of your recipes to online publications and magazines. The more your recipe is shared or viewed, the more you’ll earn!

Electronics and Music

Declutter is a site where you can sell used or new video games, movies, and CD’s. You must have a minimum of 10 items, you’ll receive a quote, and they will send you a prepaid shipping label. Next thing you know, your check’s in the mail. Easy!


Have any furniture pieces you don’t want or need anymore? Sell your items on Amazon, Facebook, Craigslist, or eBay. First, check your local online furniture, yard sale and decor swap pages. This way, you can avoid any Craigslist scams or charges from places like eBay. You can post photos in Facebook groups and follow up with buyers, free of charge. Remember to accept cash only, pick a busy place to meet, and use common sense. Be smart and use safety precautions when selling in person.

Baby Supplies

Having a baby is a large life expense. If your baby has grown up, why not sell to someone in need? Try selling your child’s lightly used items on eBay, Craigslist, consignment shops or any local mom swap pages. These items go quickly and prices can be competitive.

Overall, making money can seem difficult, but you can always find creative ways to make a little extra when things get tight. When making extra cash by selling from home, make sure to keep your personal information safe. Read all information for specific details, fine print, and hidden fees. Do you need an account to stash your extra money into savings? Contact Bank of the Lowcountry today!

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