How to Save Money to Travel

How to Save Money to Travel

Whether you’ve made a resolution to travel more in 2019 or already have a trip on the books, it can be tough to budget with everyday finances. There are apparent and straightforward ways to save up for your next journey. The following tips are simple ways to cut down expenses and start saving up for that dream trip.

Create a Budget

Before creating any plans for travel, you’ll want to establish a budget. Begin tracking all of your purchases and payments now. We recommend doing this for about two months or so to have an idea of how much you are spending and where you are spending the most money. This can help you determine how much you need to cut and what you do and don’t need. From here, generate a budget in order to reach your financial goal.

Cut Back

Cut back on going out to eat and impulse shopping! If it isn’t something you need, don’t purchase it. Rather than going out to eat for dinner, you can spend $40-$50 at the grocery store that will buy you food to create meals that can last you up to a week, or instead of buying that new fancy sweater for $60, go to a local thrift store and buy one for $10. Second-hand clothing can save you up to 75%. You will be amazed by how much money you save just by changing your daily routine and saying no to extra expenses!

Sell Old Items

We forget how much junk we have piled up in our garages and closets! Take an hour or two one day to go through your house and see what you no longer use that you can sell. Selling your unwanted and unused items is a great way to rack up some extra cash and diminish clutter in your home.

Move Extra Money to Savings

When you can institute your budget and dictate a realistic amount to save, ask your bank to set up an automatic transfer. Transfer over whatever amount you can save every two weeks or so to make this dream trip a reality! If you need help opening up a savings account or have questions on transferring money, please contact us at 843-549-2265. We would be happy to help!

Do Less

Instead of paying for that expensive gym membership, get outside and get walking! The outdoors is a natural and free gym. Instead of going out for a day at the spa, which could cost you a fortune, do an at-home spa day. Eradicate these ridiculously high priced activities and start doing it the cheap way. Whether it be staying in on the weekends or skipping out on seeing that new movie in the theater, these small steps add up. Doing less will help you to save more and be able to spend more on your future travels.

Start saving now and you’ll be on that next trip in no time. If you have any questions or would like to open up a savings account with us, then contact us by calling 843-549-2265. Happy travels!

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