How to Save Money and the Environment

How to Save Money and the Environment

With media attention on climate change and global warming, many people are starting to realize that their actions have consequences. One way to combat the disastrous effects of pollution is by “going green.” A plethora of individuals have invested in electric cars in order to reduce their carbon footprint; however, there are less expensive ways to save the environment. Here are four ways to be eco-friendly on a budget.

Unplug and turn off

In order to save money and the environment, turn off and unplug all electronics when you’re not using them. Your appliances still use power when they’re plugged in, so by unplugging them, you’ll save on your monthly energy bill.

Buy used

Thrift shopping is not only a great way to find one of a kind vintage pieces, but it also cuts down on items that end up in landfills. When you buy second-hand clothes, you’re also reducing pollution caused by clothing industries to make new clothes. Not to mention, thrift shopping saves you a ton of cash because all of the clothes are discounted.

Bike or walk to work

If you can’t afford an electric car, consider walking or biking to work. You’ll not only save money on gas and parking but also get your exercise in for the day. Also, according to the Department of Transport and Main Roads, biking 10 km each way to work would save 1500 kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Choose reusable water bottles

It’s easy to buy a plastic water bottle when you’re out for lunch, but those bottles end up in landfills and in waterways. To save the environment, and your money, invest in a reusable water bottle. Instead of spending two dollars on a water every day, bring your own bottle, and fill it up via a water fountain or sink.

With more and more discussion about global warming, it’s time to do your part. Reduce your carbon footprint, and your energy bill, by following these four steps. With all the money you’ll be saving, you should visit Bank of the Lowcountry to open up a savings account, or call us at  (843) 549-2265.

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