Pros and Cons of iPad Entertainment

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Pros and Cons of iPad Entertainment

Entertaining children is a job within itself. Technology has made it easy to hand the kids your phone or iPad to occupy their attention for a few moments. It consumed their attention so well that more and more parents have bought their children their own devices fill with games and other apps.

Are these technologies necessary for children to have? How much technology is too much? It can be a tough decision. These few pros and cons of iPad entertainment may make the choice easier:


The children today live in a world ruled by technology. Introducing them to these items early will ensure they learn how to properly use the devices and may even help them learn other devices faster. Some school systems are implementing the use of iPad’s as a learning tool and more jobs are using iPads for customer service.

These devices have the ability to have numerous games and other apps, many of which are free. Although the initial cost may be steep as a “toy” for a child, but it offers a lot and could replace the need to buy other toys. The App store has countless apps with anything from education to games.


One of the biggest complaints about technology is its tendency to disconnect the user from the world around them. Children especially would rather be in front of a screen than playing outside or personally interacting with friends. Many games or apps allow children to connect with friends virtually, eliminating the need to physically be with them.

The cost is another big concern. The cost of these devices are significant; Tablets, iPod touch’s, and iPad’s are anywhere from $50-300. These are fragile devices in the hands of children. Cracked screens or overall broken devices are common issues. There are screen protectors and cases for these devices, but they can be expensive as well. Not only are the devices pricey, but they are often replaced by a newer device within a year.

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