How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget In 5 Easy Steps

How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget In 5 Easy Steps

How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget In 5 Easy Steps

Ideally, your wedding day should be the best event of your life. According to convention, you need a spectacular venue, designer dress, gourmet food, and an abundance of flowers. With these glamourous expectations, it’s no surprise that the average American spends $26,000 on their wedding extravaganza. One-third of newlyweds go into debt after their big day, which can cause a serious strain on marriages. Is it possible to have an incredible wedding without breaking the bank? Absolutely! Decide how much you want to spend, create a budget, and follow these 5 simple recommendations.

Choose the right venue

Have you always dreamed of saying your vows while standing on sandy shores? Don’t give up yet. Try choosing a date other than Saturday and consider going during the off-season. If the beach isn’t a deal breaker, then consider who in the community will give you a lovely venue for a reduced cost. Could you rent the outdoor patio at the hip downtown restaurant your friend owns? Do you know someone with a giant backyard? Don’t be afraid to get creative and search for an unconventional spot in your community.

Dress to impress

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, no one will pay attention to the designer label affixed to the inside of your dress. And once you pack your white gown in a box and stuff it into the back of your closet, a designer tag will mean even less. Save thousands of dollars and rent your dress, pay cash for a new gown to receive a discounted rate, or buy your friend’s dress and alter it. Wedding attire doesn’t have to be designer to look flawless.

Frame it

Can you avoid the premium rates wedding photographers charge? Thanks to your smartphone, you can drastically reduce the cost of photographing your big day. Digital apps like Eversnap allow you to put all of your photos in one accessible online album for around $200. Take the majority of pictures with your smartphone’s high-resolution camera, and save the professionals for a few frameable photos.    

Stop and smell the roses

Ordering bouquets of flowers to line the aisle and adorn every table is an expense your budget can do without. But don’t give up on florals: check out local flower boutiques or the grocery store on the day of your wedding for bargain prices. Use flowers as decorative accents instead of the main attraction. Dollar stores and secondhand shops

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