Improving Your Home on a Low Budget

home improvement on budget

Improving Your Home on a Low Budget

If you watch HGTV enough, you might get the desire to redesign some rooms in your house. Renovations can be expensive, and almost always have unexpected costs. How can you make a change without emptying your wallet? Keep these tips in mind:


Paint is a cheap and easy change. Choose neutral colors rather than dramatic colors. By choosing a neutral color, you will have more freedom to change the room with furniture without worrying about colors clashing. If you want a dramatic color, consider painting one wall as an accent wall. An accent wall can be a great way to have a focal point in a room.

Change hardware

New hardware can be small, but noticeable change in the kitchen; and it is much cheaper than replacing cabinets. The hardware on dressers and other furniture pieces can be changed as well. If you like the design of the hardware, consider cleaning it up, or spray painting it to bring it new life.


If you need a change but can’t afford to make drastic changes, repurposing is a great option. Painting or staining wood furniture is a cheap and easy way to make a difference. Get creative with cheap furniture found at yard sales or craigslist. Sites like HGTV or Pinterest can give you the inspiration to give that piece of furniture a new purpose.
If you’re interested in a bigger renovation, Bank of the Lowcountry would love to help! We know home improvement projects can be time consuming and stressful. Come visit us and ask how we can help make your project exactly what you want.

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