How to Make Money by Recycling Your Old Stuff

How to Make Money by Recycling Your Old Stuff

How to Make Money by Recycling Your Old Stuff

Need to make some extra money but don’t know where to start? The answer to that could be right in your own house! Getting rid of some of your old stuff that you don’t need or use anymore, will not only help declutter your house but could also get you some extra cash.

Go through your closet: If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in the past 3 months, chances are you won’t wear it again. Take all of these clothes to your local secondhand clothing store and see what they will buy. If they do not take everything, you can take the clothes they didn’t want to a store, such as Goodwill, and donate them. Most clothing items donated are also tax deductible.  

Sell your used textbooks or books: Have some books that are just collecting dust? See if you can sell them at either your local used bookstore or at websites like Amazon,, or eBay.

Get rid of your old electronics: You might be surprised by how much money you can get from your old electronics. If you just got a new phone, consider turning your old phone over to either your cellphone provider or websites like Gazelle. If it’s relatively old, you may only get a few dollars for it but it’s definitely worth checking out!

Have a yard sale: This kind of combines everything listed above. It’s a little more time consuming, but having a yard sale can help you get rid of a lot of stuff all at once and hopefully make a decent amount of money. If you don’t think you have enough stuff for a yard sale, try asking a friend and host a joint yard sale! Yard sales may seem old or out of date but they are still one of the most efficient ways to sell your old things. Make sure to spread the word and put out flyers or online ads to guarantee the best possible turnout.

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