Fraudulent Emails & Pop-up Ads

Fraudulent Emails & Pop-up Ads

Fraudulent Emails & Pop-up Ads

We receive countless emails everyday trying to get our attention. We have to weed through promotional emails, just to get to important emails from our family and friends. Most of us have had our email accounts for a while and since having the accounts, have noticed a few spam emails come our way. These phishing emails will try to get you to click through to a spam site or they will try to gather credit card information in exchange for a service.

These emails will often look as if it is coming from a friend or company that you have done business with. Always be alert and be on the lookout for things that may seem out of place. If you receive an email from a friend requesting help by sending money, chances are these are phishing emails. It is always a good idea to contact your friend by phone to let them know their email account has possibly been hacked. It is also important to note that most companies will not contact you via email requesting personal information.

Another phishing scam comes in the form of those pesky ad pop-ups that you may see when browsing the web. These pop-ups target with false claims that your computer has being infected with a virus and gives you an action to take to resolve. These pop-up ads are clever and can take form of your current internet provider. They are after your credit card information and remote access to your computer by promising to “fix” the issue. If you see one of these pop-ups, it is important to close your browser right away. Call your internet service provider and let them know about the issue. Chances are other customers are having the exact same issue.

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