What to Do If You Experience Credit Card Fraud

What to Do If You Experience Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud happens every day; however, many credit card companies have invented safeguards to help defend you and your purchases from credit card fraud. If you experience credit card fraud, do not panic, here are some steps you should take.

Change Your Passwords

One of the most natural things you can do after your credit card has been compromised is to change your PIN and passwords immediately. After you contact your credit card company and check your other credit card accounts, this is the best action you can take to further prevent any more fraud from occurring. If you see any charges that you didn’t make, then make sure to note that when speaking to your credit card company.

Statement and Reports

Once noticing the first signs of credit card fraud, you will want to continue observing your credit card statements in the upcoming months. Dishonest charges can remain on your card statements, even months after your card information was taken. Be vigilant on watching the activity taking place on your credit card accounts.

Online Shopping Accounts

It is very common for your credit card information to be saved on frequently used online shopping websites. Although most credit card companies have a “zero liability policy,” it is crucial to make sure that your online shopping accounts haven’t been compromised as well. Erase all of the card information that has been taken and change your passwords. It is generally wiser not to save your credit card information online.

Call The Police

If you are seeing a pattern of fraudulent charges in the days following the first signs of abnormal activity, then we recommend filing a police report. Credit card fraud can happen all at once or can be spaced out over time. If you find that multiple credit card accounts have been used without your knowledge, contact your credit card company and request a freeze, this will cut off access to your money, but if someone tries to use your credit card, it will get declined.

Stay on top of your credit card activity and be aware of the purchases you are making and where you are making them. If you have any questions or would like to open up an account with us, contact us via our website or calling us at 843-549-2265. Stay safe!

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