Items That Shouldn’t Go in Your Safe-Deposit Box

Items That Shouldn’t Go in Your Safe-Deposit Box

There are some items that shouldn’t be included in your safe-deposit box. Anything that you might need over the holidays, for immediate medical attention, or travel is better off being left for quick accessibility. Remember, you will only have access to your items when your bank is open, without nightly or weekend access. Keep these few things in a safe spot for immediate emergencies and quick use.

Powers of Attorney Documents

You never know when you may need the original documents for someone to make decisions about medical care on your behalf, or to authorize others to make any business transactions. Make sure your documents are in a safe place but accessible in a time of need.


Money in a home safe or in a bank’s safety deposit box won’t earn any interest, so why not include it where your money can increase? In addition, cash that isn’t deposited into a bank account is not protected by FDIC Insurance. Although your box is located within the vault of your institution, it is not fully protected. Keep your cash in a place where it can not only increase, but also has full-protection.

Your Will

If you rent the safe-deposit box yourself, do not include anything your heirs might need access to. Check your state law, or ask an attorney, to see what is required or recommended for your original copy. Depending on your personal will, your attorney should be able to share advice on where to store your paperwork.

Passports and Original Birth Certificates

Want to take a last minute family trip? Do you have a work or family emergency to attend to? Does your teen need the paperwork for a job? You, or a member of your family, may need these last minute. Cut out some unnecessary time by keeping your passport or birth certificate handy at home.

It’s important to make smart decisions when it comes to renting your safe-deposit box and to attain knowledge on what should to be kept aside for immediate use. Think about the items you would need access to on the weekends, or in any event of an immediate emergency. To open a safe-deposit box with us, contact Bank of the Lowcountry today.

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